Samuel & Co Fintech launched in March 2018 via an initial coin offering (ICO) that ended in May 2018, centred on an Ethereum based ERC20 multipurpose token called Yield Coin (YLD).

Smart contract address : 0x7f927f984177323c4ac49e6b1d398e40cd1a78f6

The token was designed to be able to generate value over the long term, whilst also providing a method of transacting day to day. This is done through partnering with established businesses that want to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

At the time of writing, the market cap of Yield Coin was $30,000,000 and has experienced growth just shy of 50% after listing with a market cap value of $22,000,000. This showed good growth in the short space of time it has been listed on the ICO market.

Yield Coin is a transparent, reliable and trustworthy token. This will not only be a store of wealth in the long term but a usable currency for transactions day to day in the everyday world. The projects outlined in the roadmap have either been completed on time or are currently ahead of schedule, adding to contributors’ confidence in the delivery capability of the Yield Coin management team.

The initial public offering (IPO) of S&CF offers investors the opportunity to own part of the business, rather than the token, providing security for the investor while still benefiting from the rewards a successful cryptocurrency can offer.

Another USP of Yield Coin is the fact that the team have worked closely with London based Thistle Compliance to ensure that, unlike many other crypto tokens, during the ICO stage Yield Coin were FCA compliant when raising funds from a KYC and AML standpoint.

A core component of the Yield Coin launch was the design and delivery of a secure management portal, including a digital wallet. The My Yield portal can be accessed at https://icopanel.myyield.io/dashboard/

The solution also includes a full Content Management and Automated Token Distribution system (Please contact us for further details. An NDA is required)

Part of S&CF’s profits will be re-invested into Yield Coin via buying back tokens on the exchange. Buying back the token will help to drive price stability with a constant flow of liquidity into Yield Coin.

We believe this stability is vital for the long term value of the token and is particularly important in the near term whilst the Cryptocurrency market is very volatile compared to traditional assets

Please visit the Yield Coin website for further information https://myyield.io