Yield Owl www.yieldowl.com is our free interactive online social media platform that is available on desktop and mobile. S&CF launched this free platform to enable financial traders and enthusiasts to network amongst like-minded individuals. On this innovative site, you can keep up to date with Forex, Stock and Crypto news

The site is tailor-made for those who are looking to discuss trading, investments and seeking career opportunities. The platform currently houses more than 2,700 users from over 90 countries that either hold Yield Coin tokens or are avid market enthusiasts

This is the perfect home for individuals that can communicate with each other via the methods listed below:
• Live Feed – This page allows the user to post daily posts of their interests or markets where they are looking to invest, or a location they have checked into maybe an investment event or lecture. Individuals can comment and like on posts to interact with one another. Individuals can post a message / trip / check in / job opportunity for the community to apply for
• People – This page allows users to search for like-minded people within a certain radius of yourself. This means that you can socialise with people local to your current location, anywhere in the world. Especially with our users coming from 90+ countries. However, exact locations are not disclosed, and the user can turn this off if they do not wish to reveal their location
• Events – This page allows users to register for events that are within their interested field. These events will be related to the cryptocurrency world, personal finance and job opportunities. The events show up on the map in relation to where you currently are, so you can see how far away the event is from yourself. S&CF hosted an event in London where over 200 individuals attended, illustrating the demand for this function
• Education – One of our main goals for Yield Owl is to educate our members and viewers on the risks of trading the market and also how to look after personal finances all in one place. We believe if you look after your communities best interest they will always choose your trusted suggestion going forward. This page is a great page to learn about different areas of the market all for free with easy to follow bite size videos
• Forum – This allows our users to discuss with the community openly on any topic they choose or potential questions or investment ideas they would like to discuss with the other users of Yield Owl
• Groups – This page allows individuals to discuss more topic focused groups. There are specific topic groups that allow users to join as a member and they can talk specifically with those interested in that topic and can also setup related events to that specific topic and socialise with those in that specific field
• News – This page is dedicated to keeping our users fully up to date with the financial markets with the focus on Yield Coin, Cryptocurrencies, Personal finance tips, Forex and Stocks. It pulls all of the news feeds from a RSS tool that keeps our users up to date with instant notification of the news
• Jobs & Career – This section allows users to upload their LinkedIn CV and apply for available jobs and career options on Yield Owl allowing us to employ and increase our users employment level in an industry they are enthusiastic about and active

Yield Owl is a great space for those who are new to trading and the established traders. There are educational and learning options for users as well as the latest investment options for traditional investors. The above is our stage 1, which is available on desktop, android and apple devices

You can download our app here or logon to www.yieldowl.com