We are currently building a Crypto Storage and Insurance function that will be accessible from within the Yield Exchange / new Yield Portal..

This will enable users to securely store any Cryptocurrency in a safe and protected vault with access when they need it

One of the biggest issues to date with Cryptocurrencies is the vulnerability to hackers. In a world where cryptocurrencies are stolen from wallets and even Crypto exchanges are regularly hacked, we will provide a solution that protects customer funds and provides them with a money back guarantee for all coins or tokens held in our stores – another world first

Pricing is structured to be similar to the price of buying a hardware wallet device, but with the benefit of us providing the services, no need to learn how the hardware wallet works and the most import one being the money back guarantee

Users will send us their Cryptos – be it Yield Coin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, XRP or any other coins they may hold – and we will secure them offline to ensure no one can access the portfolio without the owner’s permission

This can be completed within minutes and the users are able to withdraw their Cryptos again when they wish, depending on their chosen package. The packages have been designed via a 3-tiered system that enables the customer to pick the most suitable option for the access time they would like for their Crypto portfolio

Packages include:
• Tier 3 (Platinum) £30.00 per calendar month (PCM) this packages offers the users unlimited holdings, unlimited withdrawals, 1 hour withdrawal SLA

• Tier 2 (Gold) – £10.00 PCM where users can store up to £10,000 holdings at current market value, 10 withdrawals PCM, 6 Hour withdrawal SLA

• Tier 1 (Silver) £5.00 PCM – up to £1,000 holdings at current market value, 5 withdrawals pm, 24 Hour withdrawal SLA

With currently over 1,500 Yield Coin holders, offering forms of storage and insurance to our current community will create revenue and help concerns about the security of crypto assets which is a major concern for many traditional investors