www.yieldexc.com Is home to our own Cryptocurrency exchange, which is live in a fully functional beta state. The platform design and architecture focuses on Security and Ease of Use. It allows our users to trade easily and effectively either as a professional trader or as a novice.

In the future, we will pair our Cryptocurrencies directly against stable coins to reflect GBP and USD pricing and then move into fiat cross pairs

This industry requires a brokerage that is built for traders by experienced traders. We have done extensive market research in to the features that Traders are looking for in an Exchange and we are currently working on a large social trading platform that integrates social trading, crypto, fx, news and token storage.

This combined service is not found elsewhere in a single platform. Individuals will have the ability to deposit in their chosen cryptocurrency and trade in Fiat currency

We will offer competitive spreads alongside multiple trading pairs, some of which will not be available anywhere else

Our Compliance and Governance team are working with the various regulatory bodies to ensure that the brokerage adheres to strict international regulatory requirements to ensure that we are ahead of the regulatory changes that we foresee being introduced to the market in the near future

The Crypto Exchange is the largest project we have undertaken to date, but we believe that it is yet another critical solution that integrates and increases the power of our other platforms