Yield Coin is a multipurpose ERC20 token directly linked to a group of brick and mortar businesses across multiple sectors. This creates one of the only non-single point of failure tokens that is backed by Finance and Banking experts.
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Yield EXC is a Decentralised Crypto exchange that focuses on transparency and the true characteristics of Blockchain to enable everyone to trade to Crypto easily and securely. This is powered by our own Ethereum based token, Yield Coin. Connect with your Ledger nano, MetaMask or digital wallet. No delays on token withdrawals, no limits of any kind, live chat with our online support team and a growing number of features. Start trading today www.yieldexc.com


Yield INSURE is the first money-back Crypto storage and insurance solution we know of. In a rapidly evolving market, most people are unaware that they are responsible for their Crypto assets and that it is impossible to retrieve coins if one loses your key or worse, are the victom of cyber crime. Many are also put off by the cost and complexity of buying and using a hardware wallet. We provide a tiered cold-storage backed solution that protects customers storing Cryptos for the long term, and rapid access to funds to those who are more active traders


The world is social. Yet, we noticed that there was no platform for Crypto, Forex and Stock Traders to collaborate. So we created Yield Owl to unite traders around the world! We already have over 3000 active members in just a few months and numbers grow daily. The platform is available on mobile (iOS and Android) and web so it’s easy to connect with like minded individuals down your street or on the other side of the planet. We are adding new features all the time so sign up today for financial news, trading insights, job postings and more..

Yield Owl. For Traders. By Traders.


We believe that Blockchain will change the world as we know it by removing the high costs associated with payments and asset management, providing direct access to the financial markets to people in every continent and offering both centralised and de-centralised investment options.
This sounds great, but most people are still very unfamiliar with Blockchain and Crypto. This new world is currently dominated by developers and speculators which we believe has lead to the low adoption rates and uncertainty in the market. Our goal is to provide free, quality education to everyone to ensure that we bring this new technology to life


If there is anything we learnt in our Crypto journey, it is that the industry is in need of trusted advisors who have real experience in running a successful blockchain or Crypto business – not just creating a token and doing some marketing. We committed to doing things differently to what we saw during the 2017 ICO fever. We now help businesses and non-profit organisations with a turn-key ICO solution. This service provides education on both the Business and Technical aspects of an ICO, explains the end to end process including key milestones and practical deliverables, and sets out the formal KPI’s that will drive you successful Coin or Token launch